The Palix Foundation created the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative (AFWI) to improve global health by mobilizing science in these areas.

The Insight

Lifelong health is determined by more than just our genes: early life experiences change our brains in ways that make us more or less vulnerable to health problems in adulthood.

Knowing that, how can we improve the health of everyone in our communities? The Palix Foundation pursues that question across the widest possible range of disciplines.

The AFWI is involved in three key strategies for improving health and wellness.

1. Supporting research into early brain development, mental health, and addiction.

2. Bringing together scientists, policymakers, the judiciary, and health and education professionals to work on solutions together.

3. Educating everyone about the science of brain development and its impact on lifelong health.

We all have a stake in the health of our communities, including the health of vulnerable individuals.

By educating each other on the science behind brain development, we can take action that will improve our physical and mental health, reduce vulnerability to addiction, and address related health problems across the lifespan.